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WTS™ has full test, repair and calibration capacities of  Wedgewood™ Bio-Stations

The Wedgewood™ Bio-Station is one of the most widely utilized bio-stations in the industry. Companies have come to rely on and utilize this set of sensors and analyzers as the bench mark for the lab and production use in the pharmaceutical industry. The vast majority of these stations utilize the model 662 UV analyzer, the 662 model conductivity analyzer, and the model 602 Ph transmitter and sensor.


The instrumentation is generally calibrated on an annual basis as required by the FDA and other regulatory agencies.


These instruments are a very robust and for the most part the electronics have proven themselves over the years as instruments that can be relied upon to provide accurate analytical data. As the industry has progressed with technology, the Wedgewood™ product line has kept pace with newer instruments such as the Integra as the newer line of products that have replaced the older equipment. WTS also has full repair and calibration capabilities of the new instrumentation as well, and also offers repair and calibration services of the new products as well.

Wedgewood™ Integra UV analyzer

The Integra was the last line of analytical equipment Wedgewood Analytical/technologies™ produced before the sale of the company to Endress Hauser™.


The Integra, was designed as a conceptual one transmitter fits all unit with a software change. The unit can be configured as a 960 UV analyzer, can also be configured as a color monitor, the 980, and the 910 single beam photometer.


WTS can work on this unit regarding calibrations, and limited repair capabilities. Western Test Solutions will do everything possible to support the customers of this unit.


Please call or contact Western Test Solutions for Design repair and calibration capabilities (714) 907-6318

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