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Western Test Solutions, an analytical instrumentation design and service organization, and an analytical instrumentation applications company. The founder and advisory board of Western Test Solutions offers 25+ years of experience with a wide range of products, industries, and applications. Our application and field service experience allows us to better understand your unique challenges and goals, which in turn allows us to more efficiently customize your analytical criteria and resultant testing data. We help you identify your process requirements, provide installation recommendations and implement them as well. WTS is a total solution provider, and will aid you, the customer, with all available resources needed to complete your intended projects.


Our mission:


  • Offer product improvements which can be incorporated without the need for revalidation or operator retraining.

  • Provide replacement components that are superior in quality and performance.

  • Personalized support and knowledgeable people to speak to when you call. Be partners with our end users in order to understand their unique needs – one size does not fit all.

  • Timely response to questions and issues.

  • A dedication to putting quality, service, and product support first.



Western Test Solutions also enlists the aid of key specialists as part of our scientific advisory board.

Please call or contact Western Test Solutions for Design repair and calibration capabilities (714) 907-6318

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