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EasyCal™ repair and recertifications

Western Test Solutions performs EasyCal™ repair and recertification's, we utilize the same equipment   Wedgewood Technologies™ utilized for years to recertify the detector filter, and the NIST™ filter components. Interference filter scans and NIST filter scans are completed on the SHIMADZU UV160U spectrophotometer.


The SHIMADZU has a recertification of conformity cycle of 6 months to ensure it has current  certificates of traceability, and is serviced by SHIMADZU or a SHIMADZU authorized and certified company to maintain the instrumentation for NIST traceability. You can be assured Western Test Solutions will provide you the documentation required by all the applicable FDA requirements as part of the repair and calibration process. Additional "As Found" before and after data is provided with every recertification of an EasyCal™ detector assembly.


WTS keeps in our archive, complete scans of every EasyCal™ detector dreviced by WTS. Western Test Solutions issues one certificate of calibration document with each EasyCal™ detector back to you the customer as part of the standard documentation.

Please call or contact Western Test Solutions for repair and calibration capabilities (714) 907-6318

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