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Western Test Solutions provides a number of critical components for the Wedgewood™/Endress Hauser™ line of UV analytical analyzers,and related Bio_Station instruments.

Optical Bandpass Filters


Optical Bandpass Filters selectively pass light of a predetermined light wave length, while blocking unwanted wave lengths. Bandpass Filters are also known as interference or blocking filters.


Optical Bandpass filters can be designed for UV (Ultra Violet), Visible light spectrum (Vis) Infra-red (IR) Near Infra-red (NIR) and Far Infra-Red (FIR) applications. Western Test Solutions UV Bandpass Filters, employe stable-life coatings, utilizing an air-gap design based on proven temperature stability performance and light exposure durability, to provide an excellent MTBF (mean time before failure) of the filter. Learn about Optical Filters.


UV Optical Bandpass Filters UV optical Interference Measurement and Reference Filters:


These Bandpass Filters are specifically designed for the Wedgewood Analytical™ and Wedgewood Technology™ line of optical products in addition to the Optek line of UV optical analyzing equipment.


Features include superior transmission and bandpass specifications for greater sensitivity and selectivity, a robust construction that resists damage due to handling or extreme process conditions. In addition, tight manufacturing controls allow Western Test Solutions filters to be used interchangeably as either interference or reference filters; thereby reducing inventory requirements and potential filter installation errors.


Filters are 100% tested with a Shimadzu photospectrameter as the reference standard, before they are shipped to customers, for quality and performance. Wet testing utilizing Tryptophan and or Potassium dichromate is also available.



Please call or contact Western Test Solutions for Design repair and calibration capabilities (714) 907-6318

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