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NOTE: Western Test Solutions provides repair services and components primarily for the European markets,  the West coast of North America, and Canada.

The ISCO/STIP™ E&H EZ TOC2™ analyzer unit has a very long history in the market place because it works. Having been a successful unit utilized in the wastewater industry among others, the unit is still in operation today. The EZ TOC2™ as renamed by E&H was purchased and sold for a number of years. The unit has been made obsolete in the middle of 2013 from what I have been able to gather. E&H™ does still provide parts for the unit, but they are becoming very expensive. I am guessing they wish to introduce a new unit to the market place.


Western Test Solutions supports the unit for all of the electronics, and most importantly the CO2 bench. The current bench is still very repairable and WTS is happy to provide service for the unit. The engineering department of WTS™ also has developed a current replacement unit, the new unit is a direct drop in replacement for the current bench.


Additionally WTS™ has developed a number of other active components for the TOC2 that are listed below.

The ISCO/STIP™ E&H™ EZ TOC2™ IR™ 7200 Bench

The IR™ 7200 bench has been utilized in the TOC2 analyzer from the beginning of production, disregarding the previous analog bench utilized in the TOC1 unit. Being an excellent unit for the technology of its time, new units have been designed that are superior to this product, and easier to maintain.The use of the reference cell is a design that for its time was a very good way to ensure correct and accurate readings of the unit based on the prepped reference gas.


The TOC2 has historically been required to incorporate a gas scrubber, that cleaned the CO2 from the supply air to the analyzer. The new unit does not require a gas scrubber for a reference gas that makes it much more versatile to operate in a wider range of installations, along without the need for scrubbed gas through the reference cell to baseline, or ZERO set the analyzer.


NOTE: It is important to note, the TOC2 analyzer will continue to require a CO2 scrubber for the inlet supply air to operate the unit, the bench does not require the scrubbed CO2 air once the analyzer inlet supply air is scrubbed and the CO2 is removed.


The WTS400 bench measures all available CO2 in the inlet air to the sample cell. The ONLY CO2 the bench should read would be air after it has been processed by the reactor. Supply air then, that is not scrubbed correctly on the front end of the TOC2 analyzer will in fact be measured by the bench, the same way as the old bench would measure the CO2 content under the same given circumstances.


The 7200 bench is also facing obsolescence of the critical components that are required by the unit, such as the mirrors that direct the IR beam for example. E&H while in production of the TOC2 decided to keep this bench in operation for manufacture purposes, and all of the company reasons involved that made it easier to maintain and build the same unit.


Western Test Solutions, has made the concerted effort to make available a new upgraded unit, that is more cost effective, and a direct drop in replacement for the 7200 bench. The idea of a direct drop in unit that is totally transparent to the user was the goal, and Western Test has achieved that goal, not only in the operation of the unit, but also, the accuracy of the unit is equivalent or in most cases more accurate.


The translation of this information to the operator is that the WTS400 bench makes the TOC2 easier to calibrate, and maintains its accuracy significantly better over the long term in addition to the ease of maintenance.

WTS™ CO2 Bench Upgrade

The state-of-the-art WTS400™ Series CO2 Optical Bench from Western Test Solutions is designed to do highly accurate gas analysis and to meet worldwide gas measurement standards. Selectivity of specific gas is obtained via an optical interference filter to provide very accurate analytical measurements. Sample cell components are easy to reach, clean, and replace, which makes the unit highly serviceable. The basic bench can be configured for a variety of interface data protocols as required. Please click on the PDF for more detailed applications of the WTS400™ series bench.


Below is the calibration graph of the unit. Note the number of calibration points, that make this unit very accurate. Additionally, note the low level calibration points on the curve.


The TOC2 analyzer is designed as a laboratory instrument, with two calibration selections of .1% and 1.0% calibration options from the analyzer front panel. The .1% calibration will enable the unit to scale in the PPB range and the 1.0% calibrates the unit to the PPM ranges. Both calibration selections will meet unit, and analyzer stated accuracy specifications, but for the lower PPB analyzer measurements, the recommended .1% calibration selection should be utilized to provide the designed +/- headroom in the calibration. 


TOC High Voltage UV Lamp Power Supply

Regarding the older EZ / Easy TOC2™ analyzer, if the unit utilizes the older UVP™ power supply, it has been proven the power supply creates a unstable discharge UV pin lamp operation. Western Test Solutions has taken the time and made the investment to design a new power supply for this reason. The current E&H PSU inverter for the lamp has its challenges as well regarding the lamp stability. The part for one has a current draw of nearly two times the power consumption as the older UVP™ switching PSU, that puts undue load on the 24VDC power supply for the analyzer.

Additionally the set current specification to the pin lamp is incorrect, promoting an unstable discharge lamp as well. The identifying characteristic of an unstable lamp is the analyzer will for no reason experience a 2-3% shift in its drift characteristics, anywhere from 4 hours to days of operation before the lamp discharge becomes unstable.


WTS™ has tested our PSU unit under realistic operating conditions. Unlike both the UVP™ unit and the E&H™ unit, the WTS™ PSU was tested with the lamp installed in the reactor of the TOC2 with the reactor up to the specified operating temp of 80 Degrees C as stated in the TOC2 documentation.


Testing, and setting the lamp current is critical, in that low current supply to the lamp will create the unstable discharge condition of the lamp. Excessive current to the lamp will cause what is termed in the industry "spattering". Spattering is the condition that causes the anodes of the lamp to overheat, the conductive material on the anodes become molten and clings to the lamp tube. When lamp spattering occurs, the lamp is quickly damaged and fails to light, the lamp is dead and unusable. The lamp will require replacement, this can become very costly.


The reactor temperature is critical to the mixing and reaction of the chemicals utilized in the TOC2 to effectively catalize the carbon in the process sample for accurate measurements. Additionally, the waste water of the TOC2 process mixture Ph will be incorrect. The Ph must be balanced in order to reintroduce the waste water back into the facility, or the enviroment.


With better than a 98% performance confidence and over 4 years of field operations, our ballast delivers stability to your TOC, and makes calibrations stable. The PSU, shown to extend typical UV lamp life.Our UV ballast delivers this through a proprietary technology designed specifically for your application. You will also receive the best power calibration for your TOC system by adjusting the Main 24VDC supply in your TOC to 24VDC at the ballast.


NOTE: the WTS™ high voltage power inverter module is not a regulated input unit, so for the most efficient operation of the unit it is recommended to ensure the DC voltage input to the PSU be 24VDC +/- .1 volt. The 24 volt calibration / adjustment also ensures that a common boot up error (power fail on the front panel display) related to power up in your TOC system will also be solved.


NOTE: Western Test Solutions also recommends an upgrade of the 24 volt power supply for the TOC analyzer with this lamp power supply upgrade for a number of reasons.


1) The new 24 VDC PSU delivers a more robust output power to hinder any current spiking that may occur.


2) The new 24 VDC PSU has been updated to the current EN-61000-3,4 standards.


When you choose our ballast technology solution for your TOC system applications you enjoy peace of mind with a plug and play solution to a common problem with the Easy/EZ TOC2 lamp stability problem. 


FIGURE 1 TOC analyzer.


Below is an example of a unstable lamp in operation with 1 inch of the pin lamp exposed to show you the exact condition I am referring to.


Figure 1

Reactor UV 15 Inch Pin Lamp

Western Test Solutions also offers the 15" pin lamp replacement part for the TOC2 analyzer. The handle is ceramic, as other lamp provider parts. The CEO of Western Test Solutions developed this type of handle when he worked for Endress Hauser. The lamps at the time,  utilized a stainless steel handle that was potted with high temperature RTV. Those partd were failing 100% all said and done.


The ceramic handle was the design of the manufacturer, and western test's CEO. The handle is additionally potted with ceramic potting to ensure there is no flex or movement of the lead wires connected the anodes to the lamp. This design has proven to be very effective, and to date no lamps have failed due to flexing of the handle or the lead wires with the design temperature specifications of the reactor in operation.

24 Volt DC power supply

Western Test has selected and assembled a 24 volt power supply solution for the current PSU (POWER ONE) for the TOC2 analyzer. The older power-one unit, although is an excellent PSU fails to meet the new EN 610000-3,4 standards for isolation, and surge input voltage (mains supply voltage) on the front end of PSU.


To keep pace with the EN requirements for Europe, Western Test Solutions have sourced a new 24VDC PSU for the TOC2 analyzer. The PSU is adjustable, and can be adjusted so the power fail icon boot up indication with the TOC2 analyzer is cured, provided all of the associated electronics are up to par. The power supply also is capable of higher current handling capabilities to give the analyzer approximately a 30% headroom in its total current requirements.


The PSU meets all electrical requirements for domestic and international use, certifications include CE, UL, and Canadian requirements included in the new EN610000-,3,4 for safety. An additional plus and minus terminal has been incorporated into the design for versatility.


The unit comes ready to install with no modifications required to the unit. Mounting standoffs are also included to ensure the analyzer internal safety cover can be installed normally.

CPU and Power Distribution PCB's

Western Test Solutions has full support capabilities of the TOC2 CPU and Power Distribution PCB's. The CEO has taken the required steps, and made the investments required to secure the critical, and obsolete components for both modules.


Repair has been to date 100% repair rate! Western Test understands, there will be those PCB's that can not be repaired, but those are VERY EXTREME and rare cases. Western Test has effected repairs to a number of analyzers that have taken a lightning strike and repaired the cards to full functional components. You can have confidence, your PCB's can be repaired, and a cost effective alternative to a new part! So if you have not caught the card on fire, and in some cases that is not an issue either, the PCB can be repaired.


Western test has also identified, and corrected some of the problems related to the TOC2 analyzer, the problems with loss of program functions, changing analyzer settings for no apparent reason. Loss of memory, failure to boot, loss fo the comm port output, loss of bench readings and real time data readouts on the front panel, front panel readout gibberish, and other problems. WTS™ has addressed and corrected all of these problems, and is confident these related issues will no longer be an issue or problem, with your analyzer.


Western Test Solutions also has the capabilities of providing the program chips for the dual stream and single stream units along with the electronic support of the PCB's.

Relay Alarm PCB

Western Test Solutions also has designed the Relay alarm PCB replacement card. The relay alarm card is totally plug and play, for both relay 1-4 and the second bank of relays 5-8. The PCB comes with all the mounting hardware, and the interconnect ribbon cable as a complete assembly. The relay card is a cost effective alternative for the analyzer.


Wire Harness repair and support

Wire harness support is an important support issue along with, to complete, the TOC2 analyzer support. The wire harness is one of those components that need little work or repair. However, the TOC2 at times does require a wire harness repair, and unfortunately, when the wire harness goes bad, it frequently damages the CPU and or power distribution PCB's.  The continual opening and closing of the analyxer front panel is the culprit and destroyer of the wire harness assemblies for the most part. Understandably failure is inevitable as the TOC2 ages and has been fielded for a long time.


Not a problem for WTS, we have full capabilities in the repair and manufacture of a new harness. Western test also has decided to upgrade the wire for the harnesses, to both handle heat, chemicals, and high voltage with a superior wire.

Please call or contact Western Test Solutions for Design repair and calibration capabilities (714) 907-6318

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