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ISCO™ / Endress Hauser™ EZ TOC™ TOC2 Analyzer serviceable parts

Western Test Solutions provides a number of services to the critical components of the TOC2 analyzer. Listed below are the common repair parts.

The ISCO™ STIP™ E&H™ EZ TOC2 IR™ 7200 Bench

TOC 2 CPU and Power Distrubition control PCB's



Listed on this page, are the most common repair parts for the TOC2 analyzer. Please feel free to inquire regarding any of the sub-assembly components. There are a few other critical components I generally do not  have many requests to repair for the TOC2, as they seem to never fail. Western Test Solutions can do all repairs of the electronic component sub-assemblies.

Please call or contact Western Test Solutions for repair and calibration capabilities (714) 907-6318

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