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ISCO/STIP™ EZ TOC2™ Analyzer,Wedgewood™,UV Optical Filters

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Areas of Expertise:

  • ISCO/STIP™ EZ TOC2™ IR™ Benches and related components.

  • Wedgewood analytical™ Instrumentation Repair and Calibration.

  • Analyzer systems and validation.

  • Circuit board design and upgrades.

  • Applications concept testing.(proof of concept) 

  • Turbidity Analyzer System Testing and validation.

  • System Design.

  • High quality Optical Bandpass Filters.(UV, IR, VIS, NIR, FIR)  

Western Test Solutions offers expertise for optical/analytical products from Wedgewood™, Optek™, and ISCO™/STIP (TOC2) analyzers.

“Western Test Solutions supplies critical components and product services, as well as providing application and implementation expertise."


Jeff Priddy, CEO

Please call or contact Western Test Solutions for Design repair and calibration capabilities (714) 907-6318

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